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There is one thing all webmasters struggle with and it’s getting links that matter…. don’t ignore the problem, use a solution that works.

You Have a Problem!

Your problem is that you just can’t get enough links that matter to your websites.  You’ve left comments, you’ve created profiles, you’ve used software, you’ve used services, and for some reason your efforts just aren’t working.  SEO takes time – and of course being able to outsmart both the competition and the algorithms that the search engines use.  You’ve got dozens of rss feeds from your sites, from the web 2.0 sites that you use, from your blogs, and NONE of them are getting you any closer to your goals of ranking your websites.

You have tools, but how do you tie them all together?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had one little script that you could throw up anywhere and tie all of your efforts together?

A script that:

  • Gave all your existing inbound links more juice?  If you have links pointing to you that the search engines don’t care about what good is it?
  • Let you pull in all those web 2.0 sites together so you didn’t have to promote 40 different sites at once?
  • Didn’t require you to babysit it, let you install it anywhere, run it a few times and forget about it if you want.
  • Automatically told the world about all the links that mattered to you?
  • Gave Google a place to come and spider every site you own?
  • And of course gave you enough legitimacy to hide the fact that you were promoting hard core?

Magic Rss Linker does just what you need with out being a complicated beast.

The Important Stuff

Magic Rss Linker is not a wordpress plugin. It does not require wordpress to run. This means that you can use Magic Rss Linker software to build backlinks for any website built on any platform.

So How Does It Work

Magic Rss Linker is a powerful software script that you host on your website. It takes some information you provide and it creates and interlinks PDF files and Rss Feeds.  It will then (optionally) ping them.  It also creates a index page where it lists (for crawling by the search engines) the files you have created.

Who should use Magic Rss linker?

Magic Rss Linker was created to help anyone struggling to get links (and get their incoming links counted) to kick things up a notch.  If you are struggling to get rankings for your sites, Magic Rss Linker will help increase your efforts with little effort on your part.  White hat webmasters can use it to create great resource sites, and provide a great user experience.  Those that aren’t so well behaved can use it to SHOVE link love at all their existing links and of course create more links on the fly.

What are the server requirements?

Your server will need to be running php5+.  No database is required.

How easy is it to install?

Magic Rss Linker is very easy to install.  There is no database (so it’s fast to set up anywhere you want).  Just upload the files, set a few permissions and go to town.  Full video of a live installation and the operation of the script is available here:  Installation and Operation.

What if I only want to do white hat ‘seo’? Is Magic Rss Linker for me?

Yes.  Just because this tool could be used to cause mayhem doesn’t mean you have to do so.  It’s a great way to return some link love to those that are linking to you, and of course to create great resource sites on a topic.  Used in combination with tools such as rss rebound it can easily make awesome resource sites.

I’m a bad boy – I want to rule the serps.  Can Magic Rss Linker help me?

Sure it can, imagine with me for a minute.  You’ve created a network of spam blogs, web 2.0 sites, profile links, and spammed the heck out of whatever you are trying to promote.  Magic Rss Linker will give you the tool you need to promote it all at once, fast and easily.  The powerful script can be installed anywhere in just about 30 seconds so you can install it all day long anywhere you wish.

How to get Magic Rss Linker:

Magic Rss Linker is available through Buy Now Button below for a one time fee.

*You will be redirected from paypal to the Magic Rss Linker registration page.  It’s important that you confirm your e-mail address to receive your download and so we can contact you with any updates.

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